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  1. moparjim

    Track day July 4th with Motorhead.

    First off had a great day with Mike. I have to thank him for getting me out to the track. As usual while swapping front wheels. Passers by asked the usual "what will it run?". After checking the da I figured 10.8's, judging by the last outing. The first pass was 10.71. Fluke? Next pass 10.73 so...
  2. moparjim

    Grey cat at the track in the heat.

    I haven't really been very active lately. Lots going on with family and working more than usual. I figured I would share my outing last weekend in the worst conditions I have run in. I have been bracket racing the last few weeks for a new challenge. I keep red lighting.🤪 Trying to figure out why...
  3. moparjim

    Finally a track day in 2020.

    Well the track owner set up a rental with a bunch of rules about wearing masks outside the car and stuff. The police checked up on us a few times and all good. Another track got closed down. EVERYTHING was in the car. No weight reduction at all except for the rear wheels and drag radials. The...
  4. moparjim

    Congrats Byron T Godbee new Demon record

    Congrats!! Byron T Godbee. https://www.allpar.com/news/2019/12/stock-power-stock-weight-demon-beats-dodges-9-65-46839
  5. moparjim

    Great possible end of season today 10.373@132.900

    Yesterday the track was closed due to power outages caused by storms the previous day. Unfortunately oilburner came out here for nothing. This morning they were open so I decided to go. It rained just before I arrived. I had to abort or let off on my first 3 passes. The 3rd pass I pedled and...
  6. moparjim

    Another great day at the track New PB 3 times. Settled for 10.421@130.98. Update with a video

    On the way to the track I weighed the car at the dot scales. They were closed but they leave it on so trucks can check their weights. The car weighed just 4570 lbs.🙀 1st pass 10.427 so better than last weeks PB by .001. LOL Then a couple 10.43's. Let the car cool longer and 10.426 so better by...
  7. moparjim

    New PB again.

    A few wks ago I got a new pb by .001. I also beat my 60' time of 1.516 with quite a few 1.50x since then. Yesterday I ran another new pb. As a matter of fact the old one was just about the middle of my runs yesterday. Hopefully I get to run quicker again soon. LOL Yes there was a little weight...
  8. moparjim

    Not sure if I ran a new pb. LOL

    Saturday the rains postponed all the racing. On Sunday I show up at the track and it's packed. They basically ran 2 days racing in 1. I was asked to run in a N/T true street race. So I figured why not at least I will get a few runs in for sure. They took the first round winners and they raced...