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  1. FFBOS

    Hellcat ported blower update......9.6@143

    My build thread is below, but I wanted to start a new one Bringing the car home tomorrow.... Impressed is the word of the day I had a Jokerz Performance blower swapped in place of my stock blower with his 2.4L race package. That includes his race bearings, fresh oil, CNC ported snout, CNC...
  2. FFBOS

    2016 hellcat Diablo pcm

  3. FFBOS

    Metco Hub, 2.4 ring, 2.85 ring, nitrous outlet plate, stock TB, bwoody tensioner, sway bar, and more.

    Metco Hub $150 Metco 2.4 ring and cover $110 shipped Metco 2.85 ring and cover $110 shipped Bwoody 3” tensioner $175 shipped (SOLD) Stock hellcat TB $100 shipped (SOLD) 2018-19 Challenger “lightweight” sway bar $175 shipped Billet Tech shock tower cover $100 shipped Nitrous outlet 92mm...
  4. FFBOS

    Daily driver issue....

    Had a little hiccup with the daily driver. In the meantime, I'm in a rental Nissan Versa hatch to fully appreciate my full time vehicle 😦 I switched my setup to flex fuel, 2.56 litens, 105mm HHP TB, and a ported snout from FAS. During the couple dial in runs on the dyno to make sure the...
  5. FFBOS

    Weld S71 17x11 6.2 backspace Beadlocks for Widebody/Demon with 315/50/17 ET street R

    $1600 + shipping. Rims/Tires will be wrapped individually with cardboard and foam on the face/rear and then wrapped and brought to a UPS store. I purchased these and was told the backspacing was for a standard hellcat. The backspacing is not standard and these are for a widebody / demon and...
  6. FFBOS


    Pulled 100lbs out to get to "challenger" weight. Car still has traction issues with these 305/45/17's with the power this car makes. I think I'm just going to bite the bullet and go 315/50/17. I'm working with my tuner to get another revision for the shift points and bump the timing a bit...
  7. FFBOS

    Little "deeper" into the 9's....

    Ran a new best of 9.84@141.68 I couldn't hammer it off the line. Prep was great. Tried playing with tire pressure a bit, but the car wouldn't take an aggressive launch. I'm going to try to tweak the tune one more time for the launch and then move up to 315's...
  8. FFBOS

    My 9 second daily driven setup.......

    This "list" below is from my phone/laptop. I always keep a running list of what I've done or experienced with the car.....I'm not OCD, but organized :) They are my personal notes, and a great "pass along" if I ever decide to sell the car, which I have no plans on doing. Supercharger...
  9. FFBOS

    2.5 metco ring only with cover

    $100 shipped. I do not need this anymore since I went with an even smaller upper.
  10. FFBOS

    Why didn't this forum take off before?

    I came here from the other to see what is up