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  1. 04Ram2500Hemi

    I lost by best friend

    Mark, I'm sorry for your loss. Last night at approx. 7:30pm I had to say good bye to my little buddy Hank. Some pets just seem more special than others, and Hank was one of those. I hope that as time passes you're able to heal (I'm hoping the same for me).
  2. 04Ram2500Hemi

    Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2020

    Zero judgement here. I just thought it was a beautiful car.
  3. 04Ram2500Hemi

    My Story: 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat

    Went to Barrett-Jackson to get through the winter time blues. Hoping to drive my car by the end of March! A bunch of pics here: https://www.hellcatforum.org/threads/barrett-jackson-scottsdale-2020.4798/page-5 The Rental. I’ll say this, the V-6 wasn’t bad. Fairly peppy and great fuel economy...
  4. 04Ram2500Hemi

    Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2020

    Wow- that car was stunning. By far my favorite car at the auction. I video’d the sale of the car from my seat. Everybody has different life styles and finances, but only 15 miles? I’m sure it was a financial investment and I hope you did well, but I couldn’t have let that car go.
  5. 04Ram2500Hemi

    Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2020

    Wait - Time Out! That Demon was your personal car???
  6. 04Ram2500Hemi

    What vehicle do you absolutely love, but will never buy?

    The new Corvette C8. Beautiful car, but after sitting in one at Barrett Jackson I’m just too damn tall.
  7. 04Ram2500Hemi

    Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2020

    Forgot that Mustang Mach-E (looks better in person)
  8. 04Ram2500Hemi

    Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2020

    Just a few other pics I took while there (in no specific order)
  9. 04Ram2500Hemi

    Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2020

    Hammer Price was $132,000 https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/2018-DODGE-CHALLENGER-SRT-DEMON-237090
  10. 04Ram2500Hemi

    Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2020

    It was $80 on Saturday just to get in. You’re not far off on the breathing comment!
  11. 04Ram2500Hemi

    Barrett Jackson Scottsdale 2020

    I was in the audience when this sold. It was awesome!
  12. 04Ram2500Hemi

    Your IPhone just may be your future Electric Vehicle thanks to Fiat and Foxconn.

    When an electric vehicle can go 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, have a range of 500 miles on a single charge, handle sub zero temperatures while keeping me warm and comfortable, tow a 30ft 5th wheel camper, and be comfortable for my 6’8” frame I’ll be interested. Until then the truck and Hellcat stay in my...
  13. 04Ram2500Hemi

    Tesla has “Ludicrous Mode” issues yikes yikes oh yeah it’s a Tesla.....hmmm

    Adaptive Cruise Control and the whole self parking shit freaks me out enough to never want an automatic setting to drive my car. Nope, I’ll be in control thank you.
  14. 04Ram2500Hemi

    2020 Widebody Charger Hellcat Question

    That or a LED Light Bar... (please insert sarcasm here).
  15. 04Ram2500Hemi

    Our engines are everywhere!!!

    HELLCATS FOR EVERYBODY!!! If there was room(and I had financial means) I’d love to stuff one in my wife’s Chevy Colorado ZR2. Great little truck, but not real zippy. Still waiting on the Ram Rebel TRX. If Ram doesn’t screw that truck up I could see myself trading my Challenger Hellcat and my...
  16. 04Ram2500Hemi

    Whats your favorite "Sleeper" car of all-time?

    Currently it’s the Trackhawk. 90% of the public has no idea what it is.
  17. 04Ram2500Hemi

    2020 Shelby GT 500 Review

    Whether or not your a Ford person, if you’re a true car enthusiast you have to appreciate this car (especially in Orange [biggrin]).
  18. 04Ram2500Hemi

    (Supposedly) "No Reserve" Demon auction on eBay

    Not a big fan of yellow, but I’d give them $65,000 for it.