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  1. JRabq

    Welcome newcomers, please introduce yourself!

    Wecome to HF! Lots of cool folk here, and lots of info. Our first HC was my wife's 2017 HC Charger. 1st year has passed, 20K miles total on the clock so far. Not a single hiccup. Love everything about the beast. If you have any specific questions, ask away!
  2. JRabq

    Welcome newcomers, please introduce yourself!

    Welcome to HF! Great place to hang out! Have fun.
  3. JRabq

    I was evil this morning

    I don't accept tailgaters. If room to gun, I'm gone. If no room ahead and I'm left lane, I'll go right lane, let them pass and continue onward. If no room either lane, I send them a hint with taps on the brakes. Tailgaters piss me off. Not safe. I resolve it one way or another, all the...
  4. JRabq

    What does it look like where you are at now?

    Great weekend in Montana! HCs snug in the garage at home.
  5. JRabq

    Welcome Ceramic Disc Tech Rotors

    Welcome, enjoy the group!
  6. JRabq

    Picked up the new GT500 today!

    Congrats! Very aggressive lines on exterior. Carbon fiber nice on interior! Quite different vibe than the HCs, but excited to hear the comparisons and contrasts driving it. Have fun!
  7. JRabq

    Old times... reminded of them

    Looks more daunting than even a demon in the rearview mirror!
  8. JRabq

    New from NY

    Hello and welcome to the forum and HC fam! That is a beautiful HC! Nice combo with burly black hood. I have M6 too and truly love it. Have fun, be safe...especially on those damp roads!
  9. JRabq

    Carbon-Bodied Speedkore Dodge Challenger Demon

    Really nice! I would have guessed more than 200# wt savings. Still gorgeous.
  10. JRabq

    So, you think I'm a dick now, read this about Kobe Bryant...

    Money draws attention. WE choose where we spend our money, and thus who gets the money and the attention that goes with it. Spend a few hundred bucks on a Pro game, watch the tv games in droves generating ad revenue for the teams, spend a hundred bucks or so on a family movie outing... Or...
  11. JRabq

    When your kid finally "gets it"

    Raising responsible, happy, children that get it...one of the greatest joys in life!
  12. JRabq

    Previous Hellcat of the Month winners

    I've proven i can lose on either site!
  13. JRabq

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    I washed my wife's Charger for Valentine's Day. Playmates in and out of the garage.
  14. JRabq

    New Dodge Hellcat Made to Look Like a 1969 Charger

    Kinda like a restomod in reverse. I like it, especially if they flared the rear for serious rubber!
  15. JRabq

    About the Stock Tune 9.504

  16. JRabq

    10.1s Stock Tune Redeye. Video

    Sweet! Looks very stout!
  17. JRabq

    Welcome newcomers, please introduce yourself!

    Welcome and beautiful HC! Looks really mean in black! Have fun!
  18. JRabq


    Dang dude!
  19. JRabq

    Horn on Ram started chirping.

    Hmmm...any lights on or anything like that?
  20. JRabq

    Horn on Ram started chirping.

    Wierd. Did you accidently press button on fob? I have accidently actuated the alarm with fob in pocket before.