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  1. Markp

    Coronavirus coming to get us?

    https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-00154-w Coronavirus latest: Trump requests $2.5 billion for coronavirus response The White House on 24 February requested up to $2.5 billion to fund the US response to COVID-19. In a letter to Congress, the Office of Management and Budget requested...
  2. Markp

    Coyotes on the rampage

    I have a 142 acre property with a cabin near Algonquin Park in Ontario Canada. This past weekend a pack of wolves killed a deer on the property. Blood everywhere but no bones or body. At least 8 wolf tracks then I found the leg.
  3. Markp

    Time to pull out of the market

    Remember what Buffet has always said- “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”
  4. Markp

    New member with 2016 Challenger Hellcat

    Congrats and welcome!
  5. Markp

    Redeye 1/4 mile times list

    What track was your 10.474 run at?
  6. Markp

    Redeye 1/4 mile times list

    I have changed the look of the time list. If anyone has any suggestions please take a look and let me know if there is anything I can change or if I made any mistakes. Thanks
  7. Markp

    Change Intake Air Filter

    You must have purchased the intake from Hpindy or Goldmember as I like to call him.
  8. Markp

    10.04 in Darlington!

    Congrats great pass and crazy 60
  9. Markp

    I wonder if the GT500 guys we will wish they purchased this instead....Hmmmm C8 Corvette is here Wow!

    C8 or GT500 hmmmmm. I cant choose. I would want the C8 for those days when I want to pretend I am driving a Ferrari and I would want the GT500 for those days when I am pretending to be a Corvette. :p:D
  10. Markp

    Coronavirus coming to get us?

    World edges closer to coronavirus pandemic Analysis by Fergus Walsh, medical correspondent The combined situation in South Korea, Iran and Italy points to the early stages of pandemic. This means a global outbreak, with the coronavirus spreading in the community in multiple parts of the world...
  11. Markp

    Coronavirus coming to get us?

    This is a pandemic. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/coronavirus-china-live-updates/2020/02/24/58bdab58-56ad-11ea-ab68-101ecfec2532_story.html#link-5REMSNGAKU6SPJUSVHPEMGDIHY
  12. Markp

    Coronavirus coming to get us?

    Coronavirus Cases: 79,561 view by country Deaths: 2,619 Recovered: 25,057 ACTIVE CASES 51,885 Currently Infected Patients 40,316 (78%) in Mild Condition 11,569 (22%) Serious or Critical CLOSED CASES 27,676 Cases which had an outcome: 25,057 (91%) Recovered / Discharged 2,619 (9%) Deaths
  13. Markp

    Redeye 1/4 mile times list

    Please remember Please post your time slip, WB or NB any mods, wheels and tires, 2.62 OR 3.09 gear, track and DA.
  14. Markp

    Redeye 1/4 mile times list

    WB or NB
  15. Markp

    Idiot buys a 2018 hellcat Redeye. Lmao..smh

    I have one of the first Redeyes. I went to the dealer and they didn't even know what a Redeye was. I was telling them the options codes for everything. This guy is the complete opposite and deserves what he got.. Plus when you have the same haircut as this guy the salesman knows they are...
  16. Markp

    Idiot buys a 2018 hellcat Redeye. Lmao..smh

    As soon as I saw his haircut I could tell he was a moron. I guess the salesman noticed that too.
  17. Markp

    Redeye WB true top speed?

    This guy took widebody to a whole new level.
  18. Markp

    Looks like I have a collapsed lifter

    The vid I linked shows it but just have to work backwards.
  19. Markp

    Redeye WB true top speed?

    The 203mph is the regular body Redeye. The WB is slower 199mph I believe.