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Charger Error Code P018C and fixing it.


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2015 Charger Hellcat
Moving my Charger from one garage to the house garage so i can do my Jeep JK front pads and rotors, The charger threw a code P018c.
This is a low fuel pressure sensor on the left side fuel rail. Reading all the posts i can on the subject i did not want the dealer to charge me 200 for the diagostics, for which i now know what the code means. Then seeing other posts ranging from 600 to1200 to fix it. I also did a lot of Utube videos to see if this is something I can do successfully.
So i decided to buy the rail and do this myself. No experience to do this. I found an early TSB from 2015 on fuel leaks and the procedure to do it.
The TSB gives the charger 1.1 hrs to fix it. (HA HA HA)
To do this is NOT hard, but i am cautious about working on my own HC engine. Entire job from start to finish was about 3 hours.
Dealers in my area are all out of stock for the fuel rail and on national back order. I called HHP on Friday to check on the available stock and they had it for $459. I bought it and they shipped it the same day!
Knowing it was coming, i took the charger apart plastic covers on everything.
Getting the windshield wiper assembly did a few trips back and forth but got it out. No problems
Needing the dreaded 10mm socket, 13mm and 15mm. Also a T30 for the fuel rail screws. To pull off all the plastic plugs you need an interior hardware tool made out of plastic or just use a screwdriver and take the chance of marring stuff.
Marked the injectors as i disassembled from the old rail to the new one. Put a small drop of oil on the "O" rings and all went smoothly
Some Clips like the fuel injectors have a little red tab to pull up. The quick connect on the passenger side had clips that you spread apart slightly to release the hose.
But the clip on the low pressure sensor was a bitch. Took me over 35 minutes to get that one off.
Could not see any thing on how to take it apart. So I stole my wife's compact mirror and used a flashlight to see the damn clip you push in on to release the wiring. Some engineer designed this upside down and you can’t see how it is held together. You’ll see me in the pictures where I look like I’m humping my engine to get my hands around the supercharger. But hey, its all good. Have a laugh.
But I did it and saved a few hundred dollars.
Included some pics for laughs and comments…pictures are from 2 of my security cameras
Not bad for someone that is 73 years old.
Thank you HHP for your quick shipment.



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Age has nothing to do with it. I admire your motivation to get r dun!

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