World's First Dodge Challenger Hellcat Convertible


It?s one thing hacking the roof off a regular Challenger V6, but doing so on a limited production Hellcat that spits out 707 horses and is capable of a ? mile run in the low 11s, well, let?s just say it?s not for the fainthearted.

The pictured Dodge Challenger Hellcat Convertible is the brainchild of John Iverson of Iverson Customs and the Iverson Chrysler Center dealership in Mitchell, South Dakota.

?As an avid collector and love for rare Mopars, I wanted to extend my collection with another one of a kind, first edition Mopar,? says Iverson. ?As I was conducting business in our showroom where my 71 Barracuda Convertible sits on display, a thought crossed my mind to take the Hellcat one-step further. Even though the Hellcat was a one of a kind based on the first model year and on the options ordered, I wanted to make it more desirable. The idea of a convertible Hellcat was born.?

Iverson says he went through a few loops to secure a brand new Challenger Hellcat, even reaching out to FCA?s global head of design and former SRT boss, Ralph Gilles.

?I contacted some suits at Chrysler to arrange a meeting with the man behind the design of the Hellcat, Mr. Ralph Gilles,? explains Iverson. "My son Austen and I met him at a National Auto Dealer Association 20 Group meeting where we presented our idea. We obtained is signature approval for the first conversion to be created.?

While Iverson had the idea, he turned to Drop Top Customs, which specializes in turning fixed roof cars into convertibles (you?ve probably seen many of their creations like the Dodge Charger and Cadillac CTS) for the execution.

Now, after displaying the automatic model at various events where it clocked 555 miles, Iverson has listed the car for sale at his dealership for $139,900 or more than double the MSRP of the regular Challenger SRT Hellcat ($64,195).


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